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I want to run some code on comment status change so using the action wp_set_comment_status but it seem to never fired when comment status gets changed. I am using wordpress 3.3.1.

Here is a simple code which doesn't work for me:

add_action('wp_set_comment_status ', 'update_business_rating_avg');

function update_business_rating_avg($comment_ID, $status){
    update_option( 'business', 'checked' );

There was a same bug on the wp version 2.8.2 and it was fixed later on. Not sure if i am doing something wrong or not.


The codex says about the action:

wp_set_comment_status: Runs when the status of a comment changes. Action function arguments: comment ID, status string indicating the new status ("delete", "approve", "spam", "hold").

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Your code is showing an empty space in the hook name

add_action('wp_set_comment_status ', 'update_business_rating_avg');

try removing it

add_action('wp_set_comment_status', 'update_business_rating_avg');
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It worked. Thanks! Never imagine that might be a problem :S – Sisir Jan 15 '12 at 14:49

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