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I have to build a WordPress plugin which gives out HTML for an AJAX call. However, because of the server environment I cannot use the traditional admin-ajax.php.

Someone told me that I could build a custom page using url-rewrite ex: /my-ajax-calls/

So when I send a request to that page it would be:


Then I could use param1 & param2 and give the appropriate HTML.

I know how to build plugins, how do I rewrite the URL to connect it with a method that generates the HTML?

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Please reformat your Q (you have wysiwyg editor buttons on top). And also please don't use dialect words like "becoz". This is a public page and not private chat. – kaiser Jan 13 '12 at 19:53

You can simply target to a custom file when using wp_localize_script(). Just - in the third argument-array - set ajax_url to whatever file you want to target.

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