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I might be thinking too hard about this problem and i'm thinking the solution might be easier than we're i'm heading.

Here's what i'm trying to accomplish: there a winery website built on wp and uses custom post types for "Wines" -> every wine has it's own description, picture, etc (cabarnet 2005, cabarnet 2006 etc...). Now, most wines have won medals - some of them even won up to 8 medals. i want to showcase all medal relevant to a specific wine in his specific page AND i want to have another page that showcases all medals, chronologically.

I figured i might be able to accomplish this by creating a custom post type "medal" and to somehow associate the medal to the wine that won it. but can i associate the 'medal' object in a many to one relation to the 'wine' object? how can i do that?

Any Ideas?

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Thanks a lot! much appreciated – Talbatz Jan 10 '12 at 19:15
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You can have a look at this plugin: Custom Post Types Relationships (CPTR). It lets you create relationships between posts, pages and custom posts types.

There is also the Zig connect plugin that has a very nice feature of reciprocity (no need to edit the second post, it will automatically be related to the first one).

Hope it helps.

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Yes, it does! thanks a lot – Talbatz Jan 11 '12 at 12:17

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