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What is the variable that holds the wp.me url? / What is the webservice / call that provides me the wp.me url? / What is the workaround to read that rel tag from the dynamic generator header (on a self hosted domain).

... to show it beneath each post.

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WP 3.0 includes:


which returns the ?p=1 style url for any post within your domain. This can be filtered, however for other shortening services, which is what the Wordpress.com Stats plugin does for self-hosted blogs. With that plugin installed and activated, wp.me shortlinks will be output instead of the default mydomain.com/?p=1, and can be retrieved with the function which can be used within the loop as:

echo wp_get_shortlink()

or to retrieve any post outside the loop:

$link = wp_get_shortlink($post->ID);
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I was not aware of the fact that the stats plugin offers wp.me shortlinks. – hakre Nov 9 '10 at 23:32
it's not exactly well-documented - I noticed it by accident ;-) – somatic Nov 9 '10 at 23:50

wp.me shortlinks are a feature of wordpress.com. The were introduced in this article: WP.me — shorten your links.

On a wordpress.com webblog you can make use of that feature. The button which reveals the shortlink gets it from the page source, the link is stored there within a hidden input element.

So I'm unaware how this should be possible to use on other sites then wordpress.com, sorry.

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