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I'm using the new custom menus in my side navigation and it only creates a class sub-menu in the UL's but does not use the current_page_item like when you use wp_list_pages(). I have 3 levels and only want to show the sub menus of the page you are on, easily done using wp_list_pages() but I can't do it with the custom menus?

Can someone please help?


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The current-item CSS class generated by wp_nav_menu() is .current-menu-item. However, wp_nav_menu() also has backward-compatibility with wp_page_menu()/wp_list_pages(), and does output .current_page_item (if the current context is a page post-type, of course).

So, a couple of possibilities:

  1. The current context is not a static Page
  2. You're using a custom walker for the wp_nav_menu() output, that doesn't output a CSS class for .current*.
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