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I have a grand-parent-category with several parent-category. Each groundchild means a specific method to process later. Parents should not be selected, it merely means to group the children together.

I use wp_dropdown_categories with child_of to show the dropdown form. The parents shows up as a choice which can course confusing for users.


If I add exclude = $parent_ids, the whole dropdown list gone.

wp_dropdown_categories('child_of'=>$groun_parent_id,'exclude'=>$parent_ids );

I can throw error message or process to a default value if a user choosed a parent, but this is a way to frustrat my users. Is there any other way to make a dropdown without parent?

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the easiest solution for you , providing you do not have 200 categories, is to use the exclude AND include parameters together . Alternatively , you can construct your own list with get_categories. or use the exclude_tree .

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