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I'm trying to simplify my deploy process and am making use of the Capistrano tool. Is there a way to have capistrano flush W3TC's cache in a deploy task?

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As @andreascreten, wp-cli will do the job for you.

wp-cli includes commands for W3TC (located in the src/php/wp-cli/commands/community/total-cache.php file), so you can flush the cache by running:

$ wp total-cache flush <type>

Where <type> is one of 'db', 'minify', 'object', 'page' or 'post'.

(Note: If you use 'post', you'll need to pass in --post_id= or --permalink= as well)

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You could use wp-cli to flush W3TC:

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Can you provide a better explanation here instead of just a link? – Brian Fegter Aug 29 '12 at 1:45

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