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I have one external page (google_map.php) which contain code to display google map information based on the selection criteria.

And in the wordpress page I want to display the google map which is coded in google_map.php.

I want to ask that how can I add google_map.php page in my wordpress page?

Or other option,

Can i directly add my google_map.php page code to the wordpress page? I don't want to use any plugin to support php code in the wordpress page like Exec-PHP plugin.

Which is the better way?

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It is actually very simple. just

  • add the following text in at begining of google_map.php page
  • upload this page to your theme folder.
  • go to dashboard to create a page, when create a page chose page telmplate: google map.

that is it, you can read more here

 Template Name: google map
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IMO the best option for what you want to do would be to use the MapPress plugin - the free version works really well and will allow you to embed a customizable google map into any post or page quickly and easily through your admin page editor.

Otherwise you could create a page template and use a php include to call the google_map.php page wherever you want it displayed within your page/post.

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