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As you probably know the WordPress theme editor remembers its last editing position, but I want my post editor to do the same (it jumps to the top if you save a post/page).... Any tips/hacks how to resolve this ? Help with this is very much appreciated !!

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Are you referring to the Visual or the HTML editor or both?

According to jQuery Set Cursor Position in Text Area it is possible to set the cursor position for a textarea element. That is good news, as AFAIK the Wordpress HTML editor is using a textarea element.

The Wordpress Visual editor in difference is based on TinyMCE. TinyMCE does not support a cursor position natively (I assume this only, and it's only backed this up by a first, quick googling ). So this is not possible out of the box.

But there are some resources that offer a method of how to do that with TinyMCE.

I think you could add a javascript that does the following:

  1. On loading of the post editor, check if a cookie exists for the postId.
  2. If so, set the cursor position. If not, do nothing.
  3. Then set a flag that cursor capturing is enabled.
  4. While cursor capturing is enabled, On each keypress set a cookie for the postId and the cursor position.


See also:

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