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I'm using add_filter('manage_posts_columns') in my plugin.php to add a column to the Edit Posts listing which is driven by edit.php. How can I attach a css style to the edit.php?

I want to be able to color the background of my column td.

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Creating Admin Themes article in Codex shows you how to add css styles to admin pages

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As helpful as the codex page linked to is, it unfortunately doesn't cover hooking onto a set page or pages, rather the examples given generally hook onto the admin_head, which will load your stylesheet for every admin page (you probably don't want that).

For hooking onto the edit posts screen, the following hook will do that for you..

add_action( 'admin_print_styles-edit.php', 'your-function-callback' );

Replace your-function-callback with the name of the function you wish to call with the action.

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