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I'd like to edit the front page posts query to be slightly more advanced. Right now it excludes all posts in the Featured category. I'd like it to exclude the first 5 posts (or first n posts, really), but include the rest in the results.

Here is the current call:

<?php query_posts("cat=-".$GLOBALS['ex_feat'].",-".$GLOBALS['ex_vid'].",-".$GLOBALS['ex_aside']."&paged=$paged"); ?>

How would I edit this to include all featured posts as well, except the first 5?

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See the offset argument:


And avoid using global variables, and query_posts. Use the pre_get_posts action instead.

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Can I set the offset of featured posts to 5, but leave everything else at 0? – hookedonwinter Dec 22 '11 at 2:57
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I ended up asking this in a better way, and received an answer:

Add a special filter link to All Posts in admin

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