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I am new to wordpress so please excuse this question if it is obvious, but I was not able to find a good answer here or via the more general internet.

I want to use the Chunk theme from but:

  • I can't find it via the theme admin area of my local wordpress installation
  • I can't find a way to download a .zip file

Is there a way to do this? If any further information is required I can provide as needed.

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The Chunk theme is currently under review. It has been set as unapproved by the theme review team. If the author makes the corrections it will be available in the WordPress theme repository.

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The theme may be under review, but it is available via SVN at or via zip at

So you can download it and use it with self-hosted Wordpress.

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I know it can be downloaded, but there's possible issues for users to download a theme with a vulnerability unknowingly. Maybe not this theme, but it's probably best to not suggest downloading themes that aren't approved. – Jeremy Jared Dec 20 '11 at 4:56
Thanks - that helps a lot. Is there any way to know that a theme is unapproved? I couldn't find an indication of that at – dtlussier Dec 20 '11 at 5:16
I don't think the themes at go through the same process as the themes at You might find the answer here: , or maybe Chip Bennett @ will chime in with an answer. – Jeremy Jared Dec 20 '11 at 6:09

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