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I am a beginner to wordpress (and to php for that matter).

I am trying to understand some of the basics, and building a little e-commerce store using a plugin called "Jigoshop."

I'm reading through the source files and seeing a bunch of useful functions- things like a "is_featured" function that returns true if the product has a product meta that marks it as featured; or a reference to all products that I can use without having to set up my own by querying the posts and filtering out those that are not products.

I have a custom-template file that I am using for the storefront (homepage), and I would like to access some of these functions to simplify the code I have to write, but it seems I don't have access to them.

My questions is:

Are functions and objects defined in a plugin useable in my theme templates (or custom templates; I'm using a child theme right now)?

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Turn on debug mode and tell us specifically what the error is you're seeing. I can use plugin functions inside my child theme just fine(so more details of the particular problem would help a great deal). – t31os Dec 16 '11 at 14:59

Yes, you can use functions from plugins in your theme. Please use the function_exists() function to make sure that the function does exit. I used the Breadcrumbs Plus in one of the themes like this:

if (function_exists('breadcrumbs_plus'))
    $breadcrumb_options = array(
            'prefix' => '<div id="breadcrumb">',
            'suffix' => '</div>',
            'title' => 'Du er her: ',
            'home' => 'Forside',
            'sep' => '/',
            'front_page' => false,
            'bold' => false,
            'blog' => __('Blog', 'rev'),
            'echo' => true

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