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I have the method below to try and build a URL for a script I wish to load:

class WPSM_SuperMail {

    public static function scriptUrl($scriptPath) {
        return plugin_dir_url ( __FILE__ ) . '/js/' . $scriptPath;

However, the WPSM_SuperMail class is located in the code sub-folder of my plugin, and this folder is a sibling of my js sub-folder. How can I find my plugin base folder and sub-folders of that without the damned 'code' intrusion?

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Does this help?:

return plugins_url('/js/'. $scriptPath, '__FILE__');


return plugins_url('/code/<your php file name here>', '__FILE__');

Try the Codex for plugins_url as well.

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this is a line i often use in plugins:

$dir = WP_PLUGIN_URL.'/'.str_replace(basename( __FILE__),"",plugin_basename(__FILE__));

That gives you the path to the plugin file.

Snagged it from wordpress codex a while back.

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