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I have site with rankings of doctors. Medical specialization and localization where doctors live is stored as a taxonomy.

For example:
city -> New York, London, Paris
specialization -> surgeon, dentist, orthopaedist

If I want to display all the doctors from London, I have to navigate with my browser to: http://my_site/city/london but where should I navigate when I want to display all dentists from London?

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You should move - if not hierarchical - to "post_tags", or a custom non-hierarchical taxonomy.

The rest is more a query Question:

  • New template > Query taxonomy > Add specific tags to the query
  • Assign template to page
  • Add page to menu

So if you link to london and want to display all doctors, including location and specialization, Query for the taxonomy "city" > "london" and add tags "location" and "speziality".

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The query should be:

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if you need advanced rewrite rules to go along with this solution then check out this tutorial: thereforei.am/2011/10/28/… – helgatheviking Sep 14 '12 at 20:28

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