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What is the most flexible photo gallery plugin available on WordPress?

By flexible, I mean a plugin that can:

  • create galleries per folder / event
  • display / generate thumbnails per size I want (it would be good to have an API/function for this)
  • display the most recent gallery from either certain event or all photos uploaded.

Is there any? Or something close to this?

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What is a folder and what is a event? Just asking because I think that folders and events is nothing that wordpress has in core. – hakre Nov 4 '10 at 1:53
how should I say? per category? or 1 event = several photos or something like that – ariefbayu Nov 4 '10 at 2:37

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The most full featured one I've found is NextGEN gallery. It even has add-ons for specific functionality beyond what's built in.

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FLAGallery - Very good way to display the gallery - has all the options of NextGEN

some screenshots :

See it in action on some blog :

some skins :

Hope that helps (:

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PhotoSmash is quite flexible also. Some features:

  • create unlimited galleries and show multiple galleries on a post or page
  • extensive shortcode options
  • set multiple sizes of images to be created
  • resize images (unfortunately, doesn't have the javascript cropping function of NextGEN)
  • adds your uploaded images as WP Attachments so you can also use the standard WP gallery functions
  • allow site visitors to upload to galleries
  • create custom fields
  • create custom forms
  • create custom layouts
  • show tag, recent, highest rated, random, and contributor (virtual) galleries
  • widget for displaying mini galleries in sidebar
  • widget for Photo Tag Cloud
  • with PS Extend, can create new Posts on image uploads
  • and has its own iPhone App

On WordPress:

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