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I am using a geo-tag map plugin called Geo Mashup, along with a WordPress Multisite install.

When I create a new site, an alert appears (in the admin alerts area) immediately telling me I have to go to the settings page to update the database:

"Geo Mashup needs to upgrade its database, visit the settings to do it now."
And simply visiting this page (Settings > Geo Mashup) on the new 'sub site' makes it work.

Is it possible to redirect the browser to the new site plugin's setting page right after creating the new site?

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Hi, did you ever figure out a good way to do this? If so, it would be great to post your answer here. – Matthew Boynes Feb 13 '12 at 7:18

The following code does the redirect. In this example, the redirection is to a BackupBuddy's page.


function wpse_35760_redirect_after_site_creation()
    if( !isset($_GET['update']) || 'added' != $_GET['update'] )

    wp_redirect( admin_url( 'admin.php?page=pb_backupbuddy_multisite_export' ) ); 

For reference: Related Answer that uses an Action Hook fired on blog creation.
But, for the case in this Question -redirect after creation-, I think the approach used here may be better.

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