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I've been trying to get an email notification to fire when a new custom post type (in this case, "event"), is published. I've tried a few things and settled down to this simple example that, I imagine, should work just fine.

function admin_event_notification()

   $message = "Test";
   wp_mail( 'jonathan@sabramedia.com', 'New Event', $message );

add_action( 'new_event', 'admin_event_notification', 10, 3 );

Any ideas what I'm missing?

Once that works, the next step is accessing $post to get the title and permalinks, etc. I think I've got that covered, but any ideas are welcomed.

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Where do you hook your function? Is there action like - new_{custom_post_type}? – Mamaduka Dec 5 '11 at 19:03
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'new_event' is not a default wordpress hook. Hence the above will only work if you include do_action( 'new_event' ); in your custom post type's saving/publishing function.

Your usage of wp_mail is otherwise correct.

See the codex on do_action for reference.

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