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I want to show a dropdown in the option's panel for choosing a "featured product category" which is a custom taxonomy. I do this way:

    array("hierarchical" => true,
          "label" => "Catalogs",
          "singular_label" => "catalog",
          "rewrite" => true   ));

and in my theme_options.php i have:

array( "name" => "Homepage featured category",  
      "desc" => "Choose a category from which featured posts are drawn", 
      "id" => $shortname."_feat_cat",  
      "type" => "select",  
      "options" => $wp_tax,  
      "std" => "Choose a category"),

and I can't get the taxonomies list:

$args=array(   'name' => 'Catalogs');

$output = 'names'; // or objects    
$taxonomies = get_taxonomies($args,$output);

$wp_tax = array();  
foreach ($taxonomies as $category_list ) {  
     $wp_tax[$category_list->ID] = $category_list->name; 

array_unshift($wp_tax, "Choose a category");

What's wrong? I can't get it to work :(

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Are you looking for a list of terms, or a list of taxonomies? It sounds like you might have a confusion in terms (pun completely unintentional). – goldenapples Nov 2 '10 at 7:05
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A taxonomy is a group of terms. I think you registered a taxonomy Catalogs, and now you want to list all terms in this taxonomy. You do that with the function get_terms(), not get_taxonomies().

So your $wp_tax array should be filled like this:

$wp_tax = array(-1 => 'Choose a category');
$catalog_terms = get_terms('Catalogs');
if ($catalog_terms) {
    foreach ($catalog_terms as $catalog_term) {
        $wp_tax[$catalog_term->term_id] = $catalog_term->name;
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It works!!!! :) Thank you very much. My first try was with "$taxonomies = get_terms('theme', 'hide_empty=0');" and obviously it didn't work. – Oterox Nov 9 '10 at 15:22

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