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This is my first time using Post via e-mail on Wordpress. I set up the e-mail with googleapps/gmail such that the e-mail server is ssl://pop.gmail.com:995 with the associated username and password.

Wordpress successfully retrieves the e-mail but when it writes to a post, only the title of the e-mail is displayed. The body of the post includes a random string.

For example, I sent an e-mail:

Subject: Test post by e-mail
Body: Sphinx of black quartz, judge my vow!

The post on my blog, however shows the following:

Title: Test post by e-mail
Body: U3BoaW54IG9mIGJsYWNrIHF1YXJ0eiwganVkZ2UgbXkgdm93IQ==

How can I fix this such that the body of the post correctly shows the body of the e-mail sent?

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You should send email using plain text format. See official documentation for further info.

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