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I am working on champer theme , I add portfolio by guideness of documentation, but when i click on image , its go on another page, but I want to stay in similar page, not changing. how can I do this. i am wanted my portfolio Image behaviour like seo Optimization In this link. http://www.gallyapp.com/tf_themes/?theme=Chamber

my portfolio.php code is


       if(!isset($hide_header) OR !$hide_header)

         $pp_portfolio_style = $_SESSION['pp_portfolio_style'];
$pp_portfolio_style = get_option('pp_portfolio_style');

$pp_portfolio_style = '2';

         include (TEMPLATEPATH . "/templates/template-portfolio-     ".$pp_portfolio_style.".php");

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Basically, what you are looking at in the theme you mentioned is just a dummy link with # That's why it just takes you to the start of the page. If you check the href attribute of the link for SEO Optimization it has # in the end.


My suggestion is that you need to figure out where this link is being created and add target="_SELF" attribute to the hyperlink.

I hope it helps you out.

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