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Today I use:

permalink_structure: /%postname%

This gives me URL like this on my pages:

  1. #http://www.mypage.com/page1
  2. #http://www.mypage.com/page1/page2
  3. #http://www.mypage.com/page1/page2/page3

But I want it to be:

  1. #http://www.mypage.com/page1
  2. #http://www.mypage.com/page2
  3. #http://www.mypage.com/page3

How can I make this happen?

I still want to use the parent function in wordpress admin...

The reasons why I want this are:

  • It looks so much better
  • When I (or some one else) change URL of page1 I am not messing up the URL for page 2 and page3 (less 301 work)
  • (Better SEO)
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One solution would be to create all your pages as root pages and then use the Menu page in "Appearance -> Menus" to define the structure of the pages. This assumes that your theme supports Menus, which the default Wordpress themes TwentTen and TwentyEleven do.


Here's a couple of links that might help you do this without using the menus functionality (as I fully agree with your comment that it's a little annoying to use the menus functionality).

This is a plugin which seems like it might help:


And here's an example of hacking the Wordpress core code (which I would generally not recommend):


I haven't tried either though.

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That's the best plan B :) A litle anoying for all sidebar menues for subpages tough. – hakan Nov 28 '11 at 12:51
I've updated my answer with a couple of links that might help you avoid the menu functionality. – ZweiBlumen Nov 28 '11 at 13:30
Thanks ZweiBlumen, actually I figure thath I will go with the "Menu page". In ONE menu I will structure the hole page structure. Then i will use RAW MySQL and PHP to make it function like this: Head menu = Level 1 (+ Level 2). Sidebar menu = Level 2 + 3 for current level 1 page. Will post it when I figure out how to do this :) – hakan Nov 28 '11 at 19:48

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