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I have a custom front end form which creates a custom post type post and have just discovered WordPress automatically escapes $_POST data in the same way that Magic Quotes does.

I have Magic Quotes disabled and have created a test form that I run on the same domain. When run on it's own, no data is escaped. However when I run it as a page template for a WordPress page the raw $_POST data is escaped, i.e. using print_r($_POST) so before there has been any processing done.

I have also tried this with multiple themes and the same result.

Anyone know where / how to shut this off? Is there a filter I can suppress for this form?


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No, but you can just run stripslashes on it.

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Yeah thanks, I've done that already. Wanted to overide it because of all the reasons not to use Magic Quotes but I guess in WP the environment is always the same so it's not the same issue... – patnz Nov 27 '11 at 22:57

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