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I did a copy of a production site to a development site, but the header_image doesn't work after the copy.

The copy was done by doing a copy&replace of the host in the db dump file. Everything seems to work except that I now only get the default custom header image and not the one that was earlier configured for each site.

I have looked into debugging this issue, but it gets complicated. Has anyone experienced this issue and know how to solve it?

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It is not recommended to make a simple search&replace in the dump file when moving to another host, because of the presence of serialized data in some database fields (usually options fields of core and plugins).

I would recommend to use one of the following migration plugins/scripts to handle the data conversion when moving Wordpress:

  1. Wordpress Move (WP plugin)
  2. Search and replace for Wordpress (PHP script)
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WPMS seems to fail with wrong db so I had to use option 2. Nice intuitive script and it worked very well. I wasn't aware of the serialization issue. Thanks. – grm Nov 25 '11 at 13:06

Configured - Does it mean you can set a header image through theme options? If yes, then you can try re-uploading it. Also, install the plugin search and replace and search through it for the old site's home URL and replace it with the new one. It could be an issue with the URLs.

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