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On behalf of another, I'm trying to import content from a WordPress.com hosted site to a self-hosted installation of WordPress.com

I've exported the XML file and imported it into the new site, but it looks completely different.

Original: http://tbmsussex.wordpress.com new: http://tbmsussex.co.uk

The pages are all over the place and lots of the images haven't imported.

Any ideas how I can get an exact mirror?

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It looks like you may need install and configure a slideshow plug-in (example: under Vertical Blinds). The shortcut "[slideshow]" in the text is what tells the plug-in to run a slideshow.

The menu items under "Our Blinds" are in a different order - if there is a custom menu, configure it under Appearance-> Menus.

You may not be able to do it 100% automated.

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Sorry for the slow reply. Forgot about this post! All sorted and yes, you were quite right - I did need a slideshow plugin as it seems your own installation of Wordpress doesn't come with a few features that a Wordress.com hosted blog does (like their own slideshow plugin). I had to re-upload a lot of the content, but it's all working fine now! – james246 Nov 29 '11 at 21:19

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