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I have a multi-site word press theme and it has front page as post pages and i have inserted also the featured images in particular post , but it didnt appear the images still. After all there is no error message also. I can found it works in localhost but not in server. Plz help me.

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What Theme are you using? Does the Theme use the core Featured Image (i.e. Post Thumbnail) functionality, or something else (e.g. TimThumb)? – Chip Bennett Nov 25 '11 at 15:34
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Go to:

network admin -> dashboard -> settings -> upload settings -> and check "images, video, music" boxes.

If you want this in CTP you have to work arround because there is some issues with that.

Hope it helps, CheerZ!.

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If it is on a sub site and uses timthumb, the theme will have to be fixed.

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Take a look at this http://www.htmlcenter.com/blog/wordpress-multi-site-get-a-featured-image-from-another-blog/ ,I have actually solve this with php ,I have just query the right post meta table and pull featured image data.

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