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Currently, I have a function called 'pub_notification' in my functions.php file which sends an email when the post is published, using the following code:

add_action('publish_post', 'pub_notification');

I would like to separate these functions by adding another button called 'Send Notification' below the default 'update/publish' button, which, when clicked, would save the post, including the custom field data, and then execuite my 'pub_notification' function.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Of course this means I do not want to tie the execution of my 'pub_notification' function to either 'save_post' or 'publish_post' actions, but rather I want it tied to the click of the 'Send Notification' button.

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On first look it doesn't seem that there is a filter or action tied to the meta-box to allow you to do this. My bust suggestion would be to add a custom meta-box that includes the Notification button, and from that click you should be able call the save post function and then call your custom notification.

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