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I would like to know what does these meta_value means for wp_usersettings meta_key in wp_usermeta table?

  • meta_key: wp_usersettings
  • meta_value: m1=o&m3=o&m0=o&m2=o


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You should mention you also posted the question here for completeness: groups.google.com/group/wp-hackers/browse_thread/thread/… – Tom J Nowell Nov 22 '11 at 11:10
I will do that next time – Mahmudur Nov 22 '11 at 12:37
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When a user changes their admin settings; like the screen options, posts per page or moves metaboxes around or 'hides' them, it is saved in their user settings.

So if user settings are blank - the user has never tailored their admin environment.

Aside: (I use this to great advantage in one of my plugins to simplify the backend initially but allow users to 'grow'. IE - a 'template' user can setup how they would like the admin environment to look by closing meta boxes, changing columns displayed etc. Then when a new user is created, i have the template user settings copied over to new user to present a simplified admin backend. The new user can then add back features as they learn more. I love it!)

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