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What I need to do is have a meta box that you can select an Image (via the built in media uploader), and then add a caption to it using a text box with the TinyMCE bar - and once this is done, another one can then be added below if needed.

I found a similar question, with an answer, here: Create more Meta Boxes as needed but I am not sure how to adapt it to my needs.

I know this kind of functionality is possible with Advanced Custom Fields, but I would prefer to be able to learn to build this functionality myself.

I hope this makes sense!

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I've accomplished this using the WPAlchemy library.

Might not meet completely your "do it myself" requirement, but the functionality is there and you can tweak it to accomplish a lot without having to code everything from scratch.

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thanks for the suggestion! :) does exactly what I want, and still has a bit of coding to do so I don't feel too lazy (as apposed to just installing any old Custom Field plugin) – Kris Nielsen Nov 24 '11 at 8:51

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