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I am working on my 1st plugin, of some ideas to re-do the interface to how widget's are manage d and organized. Anyhow.

I am struggling to get this information, either that or understand it.

  1. Create a list in array, preferrably of all widgetized areas and their id.
  2. Are there functions or methods to allow add/remove such widgetized areas, without editing the theme functions page?

I've looked at the widget api, but I think that my scope is beyound what is available there, is there any additional information?

Thank you.

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Take a look at the default-widgets.php and widgets.php files from wp-includes folder. You'll find a couple of filters and actions there which will help you. You're gonna have to try them out, they aren't documented.

Create a list in array, preferrably of all widgetized areas and their id.
- Use the filter sidebar_widgets, it will give you the ids of all widgets and their corresponding areas as an array. This post will give you an idea of how you can use sidebar_widgets filter.

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