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I have installed WordPress on my linode vps and it was running without a problem till today.

Today I realized I dont have admin rights to post a page in wp-admin. It doesn't show me submit button, it shows me "submit for review" button instead. It is very odd because I am logged in with admin account and for example I can use theme editor, edit styles etc. I googled it and found something about "auto increment on primary keys are gone".

What do you think?

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any idea ?i really need help – boranb Nov 20 '11 at 0:27
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Weird.. Have you checked the database on your own?

  1. Are you in the administrator group? Get your user id from the {tableprefix}_users table and search for the coresponding meta key {tableprefix}_user_level for your user id inside the {tableprefix}_usermeta table. The value should be set to 10.
  2. Do you have migrated the database from another wordpress installation? If it's really an autoincrement problem, you could use a db tool (e.g. phpMyAdmin) to set the AUTO_INCREMENT attribute. I haven't tested this, so please make a database backup before and use a testsystem. Open your database, select a table (e.g. {tableprefix}_posts), click the Structure tab and edit the ID column. There you can enable/disable the AUTO_INCREMENT attribute for this column. Another approach is to export the hole database with the Add AUTO_INCREMENT value selected, delete and re-import the database.
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Thank you Roman – boranb Dec 1 '11 at 13:02

Got stuck with this problem with one of our websites after we used the tumblr import tool. The tool did not import the blog successfully and also introduced this problem.

I fixed this by removing the auto-draft posts post with a very large id something above 2billion in my case and reseting the auto-increment to something like 2000 depending on how many rows you had before in the wp-posts table.

That should do it.

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I had this problem after forklifting data into the wp_posts table. I had explicitly set the primary key value (ID field in wp_posts) and now the autoincrement was set to start at somewhere north of a billion (loading a book's ISBN as the ID).

To fix, I culled the data and then did an alter table and set the autoincrement appropriately.

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