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I am pre-writing some posts that will be published next year. My permalink structure is


After setting the post title, the permalink says it will be


which reflects the year I'm writing it.

But I'd like it to be


because it will be published in 2012.

I tried setting the publish date before writing the title, but the permalink still says it will be 2011, even though the publish date is set to be next year.

How can I make the permalink reflect the publish year instead of the current year?

(*) I tried to make my question title include all the keywords I used trying to search for this answer.

After reading the note after this answer regarding scheduling posts, I wonder if I simply have to wait until next year...

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After clicking [publish] once or twice, the permalink fixes itself automagically; I didn't see it before because I didn't want to save with the "wrong" permalink.

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