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Inside a WordPress site I load a external xml file parse it and show some links. The link looks like this:
This works, but now i would like the url to look like this:
when I create a link to that url and click it it says it kind find the page. However if i just put the guid in and forget about the title it works:

can anyone point me in the right direction?

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is the url always prof/vac ? I assume prof and vac are pages and vac has a unique page template – Tom J Nowell Nov 16 '11 at 15:25
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You can use the details here in this answer to solve your problem :

Pretty URL with add_query_var

Something along the lines of

add_rewrite_endpoint('item', array(EP_PAGES)); 

resulting in a rewrite rule that would let you use /prof/vac/item/1234 which you would then check in the vac pages template for a query variable 'item' and pull its value ( in this case 1234 )

Of course one must then avoid having a page with the slug 'item' else bad things will happen.

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