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I have 2 pages in my wordpress 3.0.1 site with 2 urls




however any link in my site to www.mysite.co.uk/accommodation/ goes to www.mysite.co.uk/sub-page/child-of-sub-page/accommodation/ instead

is this a bug in wordpress 3.0.1? or is there a way round this?

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I'm not seeing this behavior in my test install, using the page hierarchy you have described.

I can access both the top-level accommodation page and the child page. Do you happen to have the Redirection plugin installed?

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I believe pages cannot have the same slug, even if the full path is different. This is indeed a limitation in WordPress. I believe others active on this site, like Mike Schinkel, can tell you where the Trac ticket is.

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http://www.mysite.co.uk/accommodation/ goes to URL not found so you need to redirect it to the correct URL

You can do this if your theme offers built in 301 redirects or install a plugin to do this. Otherwise cPanel offers redirects

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