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I am currently using gd star rating (thumb rating) to rate posts (articles - no rating on comments). What I really want to do is show a table of the top 5 users and their number of votes based on the total number of thumbs up they receive for all their posts. For instance

| user | No of votes |

If this is not possible with this plugin, is there any other plugin that is capable of such. Or is there a manual way of achieving what I want. I don't mind manual coding with the right nudge

Many thanks guys

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This is definitely possible - someone with gd experience should be able to answer this. You could start by looking at the database tables gd creates, see if any of them have a user field. – stringo0 Nov 14 '11 at 21:55

there are varaiables in gd rating to sort query.

you can use in URL like :




or pass to a query


you can find more info here :


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