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What's the fastest way to fetch posts/content across a multisite? I had been using SimplePie RSS feeds, but I'm now investigating switch_to_blog(). As switch_to_blog appears to be quite simple to use, I'd much rather use this implementation, but wanted to make sure that it would remain speedy.

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yup it is fast, it would be even better for you to use the WP Transients API to cache your query for a short period.


if($saved = get_site_transient('SOME_SORT_OF_ID')){
    echo $saved;
} else {


    switch_to_blog(x); // x being the blog id your want to switch to
    // Do your quering and echoing here

    restore_current_blog(); // Revert to current blog   

    set_site_transient("SOME_SORT_OF_ID", ob_get_contents(), (60 * 60)); //Save query for one hour

    ob_end_flush(); // Echo and End Buffering      

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