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None of the following are working to display conditional format in the sidebar when the current page is the home page:

  • is_front_page,
  • is_page('home'),
  • is_page(id)

I added an else clause which is implemented on the home page.

In Options > Reading, I have specified a page called Home to be the front page. The slug 'home' and the page id of 13 (obtained from the URL when editing the Home page) all return false.

If I place <?php the_ID(); ?> in the sidebar, it displays the post ids of blog posts which are also displayed (title only) by home.php (which is the template assigned to the home page).

I don't know how else to explicitly display the page id on the front end so I know I'm using the correct id.

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Try putting a wp_reset_query function call after your loop on the homepage template.

If you're using a custom query on the home page and not used wp_reset_query, then the conditional check will always point to the last post fetched by that custom query hence failing to check if homepage.

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Perfect. Thanks. – Steve Nov 9 '11 at 11:27
Cool... you're welcome! – Rutwick Gangurde Nov 9 '11 at 15:36

Without seeing exactly what's going in your code, it sounds like the spot you are testing the page ID within the sidebar is already within a loop displaying posts on your sidebar.

Try running your conditional test before the sidebar loop begins, possibly storing it in a different variable in your home.php file and checking that variable in the sidebar instead of the current post ID

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