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as i am a newb here, please help me to get this solved.

i am trying to add a function in wordprress functions.php where i am trying to display an image relevant to my theme folder

here is my code which is not working, it only shows the file name but without the correct path.

add_filter (somefilter_code_here);
function mycustom_func($mycustom_field ) {
$capimg =  bloginfo('template_url').'/imagename.jpg'; 
echo $capimg; // for  testing and it does work
$mycustom_field .= '<p class="custom_image">';
//$comment_field .= '<img scr="'. $capimg' . '" alt="custom_image"/>';
$mycustom_field .= '<img scr="'. bloginfo('template_url').'/imagename.jpg'   . '"    alt="captcha"/>';  
$mycustom_field .= "</p>";
return $comment_field;

i need an exact php line which can retrieve image from path and display it

right now image is not displayed, it show only file name and the value of $capimage is shown separately

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do use get_bloginfo() when working with strings;


$capimg =  get_bloginfo('template_url').'/imagename.jpg';
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