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I have a series of posts that all reside within a 'Main' parent category. Various posts are assigned to sub-categories.

What I need to do is display the direct parent category for the currently viewed post, without showing other categories. Here is what I have:

  • MainCat

    • subcat1

      • post a
      • post b
    • subcat2

      • post c
      • post d
      • post e
    • subcat3

      • post f
      • post g

When viewing, for example, post 'a', I need to display subcat1 - not MainCat.

I want to echo this in a custom template for this post type, and need to display the posts subcategory as a link.

I've searched all over, and have found numerous snippets that show categories, subcats, etc.. but none that will only show a posts subcat like this.

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Check if each category has a parent:

foreach( ( get_the_category() ) as $category ) { 
    if( $category->category_parent != 0 ):
        echo $category->cat_name . ' is a child category ';
        echo $category->cat_name . ' is a parent category ';
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