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Hi there I am hoping that someone can help me with the "plugin-list-category-post" plugin.

I am using this shortcode in a post to activate the plugin

[catlist name='Audi' name='Cadillac' template='category-display-template' excerpt='yes' thumbnail='yes' numberposts='2']

In the result it shows me two listings of 'cadillac' but it ignores the audi name tag...

Is it possible to do it this way? or do I absolutely need to use the category id tag, for multiple posts? - Thanks

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To get multiple categories working on List Category Posts, you need to separate them by comma like this: [catlist id=1,2] for Category ID, and [catlist name='Audi,Cadillac'] for Category Name. Please note that multiple categories for the name parameter was just added on version 0.20.5.

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