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My plugin allows for some custom templates to be installed into it by the user. Problem is, if someone deletes the plugin from WP in order to install a new version, all their custom files get deleted as well.

Is there a way to catch deletion and fire an alert warning the user of this, before they delete?

Oh and putting their templates into the DB is not an acceptable option.

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Consider using an external directory to store such dependencies for your scenario like WP_CONTENT_DIR.'/plugin-templates' (other then your real plugin folder) or smth. And allow users to remove it manually when they really want to uninstall.

I don't think you should delete plugins to update them... BUT I NEVER USED THE DEFAULT UPDATER (I disable it intentionally) so I don't even know how it works.


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Yeah I don't recommend users delete in order to install, but I already know from some of my beta users that some people will do exactly that, so I'm trying to prepare for the inevitable. :) Thanks for the suggestion, I may have to go that route. – Jonathan van Clute Nov 2 '11 at 16:58

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