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I have started to use posts-to-posts plugin by scribu, and now I need to change vaues for connection fields. Particularly, I've created 'person' and 'piece', connection 'role' in between and defined possible values for role as 'composer', 'conductor' -- but now I think that I need rather 'author', not 'composer'.

Please, how to do that? I could experiment with phpmyadmin, but I wouldn't like to loose anything in progress.


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So, in my case this way hepled: 1) I've replaced 'composer' with 'author' in functions.php (in that part where connections are being registered) and 2) "edited" data in ${wpdb}_p2pmeta using phpmyadmin (UPDATE <yourprefix>_p2pmeta SET meta_value = "author" WHERE meta_value = "composer" or manually or like that).

Please, backup your data, please test in any way etc.

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so, if no any other answers, i'll accept my own?.. – brownian Nov 4 '11 at 9:21

I'm afraid you will have to use phpmyadmin at this time. Be sure to make a backup beforehand.

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Well, I've replaced 'composer' with 'author' in functions.php and "edited" ${wpdb}_p2pmeta. Everything is ok so far. Thanks! – brownian Oct 30 '11 at 12:30

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