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how can i check if the current post belongs to the current author? this is my basic code; `

if($curpost) {
            } else {
                $error = "there is no post.";


also how can i add the same control to these action; `

function wpuf_user_dashboard_post_list() {
    global $wpdb, $userdata;

    get_currentuserinfo(); // grabs the user info and puts into vars

    //delete post
    if ($_REQUEST['action'] == "del")
        echo '<div class="success">deleted.</div>';

    //get the posts
    $sql = "SELECT ID, post_title, post_name, post_status, post_date "
            . "FROM $wpdb->posts "
            . "WHERE post_author = $userdata->ID AND post_type = 'post' "
            . "AND (post_status = 'publish' OR post_status = 'pending' OR post_status = 'draft') ";

    $posts = $wpdb->get_results($sql);
    $count = 1;



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There are dozens of Qs about this topic. – kaiser Oct 29 '11 at 11:13
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A compacted version that does not load the globals yet calls upon them directly.

    is_user_logged_in() and // Force user validation... STUFF
    !empty($GLOBALS['post']) and // Check if a $post exists in globals
    !empty($GLOBALS['current_user']) and // Check if current_user exists in globals
    ($GLOBALS['current_user']->ID == $GLOBALS['post']->post_author) // Match User IDs
    // This is your Author speaking, use the Force!


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thank you earnesto – boranb Oct 29 '11 at 15:27

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