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Right now I'm reading tags from the tag box, and putting them in a form with radio buttons so the user can choose a "main tag" from the tags they just typed in:

function write_tags(){
    var rawtags = $j(".tagchecklist").find("span").text(); 
    var stags = rawtags.split("X");
    var ftags = stags.slice(1);

    document.getElementById('tag_options').innerHTML = '';

    $j.each( ftags, function(i, l){
        $j("#tag_options").append('<input type="radio" name="mainTagButtons" value="' + i + '" /> '+ l +'<br />');


Now that I have these displayed and selectable, I have no idea how to save the selection to post meta, or how to check the value there to see if it's saved. First I tried this:

if (!empty($_POST['mainTagButtons'])) {
  $this->data['mainTag'] = $_POST['mainTagButtons']; }

if ( isset($this->data) && $this->data != '' )
    update_post_meta($id, 'mainTag', $this->data);

But I'm not sure how to test to see if it worked. Any ideas?

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Figured it out:

update_post_meta($id, 'main_tag', $_POST['mainTagButtons'])


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