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I'm very new to WP, and from following books and online examples, I have several different 'esacping' functions in my first plugin. I would like to know if there is one function, or a minimal set of functions, I can use to prevent malicious HTML stored in my DB from doing anything bad. I would, however, always like to store text exactly as it is captured, and only sanitize it when presenting it.

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Well, I would start with the one called esc_html().


Longer answer:

You should perform sanitization on input, and escaping on output.

To sanitize HTML content on input, I would use one of the kses() family of filters - particularly, wp_kses_post(), which will filter all but the HTML tags allowed via the Post Editor.

To escape HTML content on output, I would use esc_html(), which escapes HTML blocks for output.

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