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I've got some code which creates a nice link to a random post - any way to amend it so that on a category page it selects a post from the current category?


$randomPost = $wpdb->get_var("SELECT guid FROM $wpdb->posts WHERE post_type = 'post' AND post_status = 'publish' ORDER BY rand() LIMIT 1");
echo '<a href="'.$randomPost.'">Random Post</a>';
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I think it's better to use get_posts function. You can change the number of posts that you want. I set the category id if you're in a category page.

    rewind_posts() ;
    $args = array( 'numberposts' => 1, 'orderby' => 'rand') ;
    $exclude_posts = array() ;
    if ( have_posts() ) { 
        while ( have_posts() ) { the_post();
            $exclude_posts[] = get_the_ID() ;
    $args['exclude'] = $exclude_posts ;
    if( is_category() ) {
        $args['category'] = get_query_var('cat') ;
    $rand_posts = get_posts( $args ) ;
    foreach( $rand_posts as $post ) {
        echo '<a href="' . get_permalink( $post->ID ) . '">Random Post</a>';
    rewind_posts() ;

I hope it helps you :-)

UPDATE Now exclude the posts showed in this page

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Hi - thanks for this. I'm never going to need more than one post - it's literally a link to a random post. I also need it to dynamically recognise the post of the current category thats displaying - this doesn't seem to do that... sorry! – JorgeLuisBorges Oct 19 '11 at 18:04
What do you mean with "I also need it to dynamically recognise the post of the current category thats displaying". Usually, there are more than one post displaying in the current category. – Juan Ramón Oct 19 '11 at 18:07
I've just modified the first answer, excluding the post id's showed in the same page. – Juan Ramón Oct 19 '11 at 18:22
sorry - typing in a hurry to leave the office - I meant recognise the current category - not the current post - my bad! – JorgeLuisBorges Oct 20 '11 at 15:00
still doesn;t seem to grab only posts from the current category - it seems anything goes - also - the original thing I post was almost there - and seems simpler - i ther not a way to simply add in a variable to only pick from the current category? – JorgeLuisBorges Oct 20 '11 at 15:01

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