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My blog design heavily relies on categories and sub-categories. I would like the url structure to be dependent on that. How can I make the url's support the same?

I would like it to be like: http://www.mywordpressblog.com/categoryname/subcategoryname/postname.html It should also support further sub-categories if any.

And if I have any pages, It should follow the same structure just that it should be substituted by the page name.

Further info:

I am using Wordpress 3.0.1 and hence am using the custom menu feature which allows me to combine my pages and categories into one awesome menu.

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With the following as a permalink structure;


The category slug is added to the URL. Subcategories, if any, appear as nested directories.

So you end up with ;

  • /category/your-post-slug/

And if subcategories are used

  • /category/subcategory/your-post-slug
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