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I've tried Socialite and a couple others but they all appear to be reported as broken. When I tried them out, they were in fact broken.

Can anyone suggest something that automatically publishes to these services, and works on WP 3.0+? This is not for a blog, but an installed instance of wordpress

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Simple Facebook Connect and Simple Twitter Connect. Both are quality plugins.

I know, with regard to automatically publishing to Facebook from WordPress, that there was a major bug in Facebook's API that made it impossible to post to an app as the app itself (rather than the logged in user); it might have been fixed by now, but I'm not sure. Posting to a page as the page itself is still possible, though.

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Cool story bro, you downvoted a 4-year-old answer. FWIW, I no longer use either plugin. The Facebook one stopped development after Facebook wrote their own plugin. The twitter one? well, it's just not as hassle-free as jetpack (which is what I use now). – John P Bloch Nov 18 '14 at 15:09

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