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So I have the following custom wp-query working on my site:

function custom_front_page($wp_query){
        $wp_query->set('page_id',''); // empty
        // fix conditional functions
        $wp_query->is_page = false;
        $wp_query->is_front_page = true;
        $wp_query->is_archive = true;
        $wp_query->is_post_type_archive = true;

however, altering the query in this way keeps the page link in my wp_list_pages() nav from receiving the current_page_item class (it no longer thinks it's a page at all).

How can I get around this?

PS I know I can make a separate link and apply the class conditionally, but is there a way to alter the function above, or the call to wp_list_pages()?

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You can use the following filter:

add_filter('wp_list_pages', 'foo_bar');
function foo_bar($html){
    //Create a regex pattern to identify the LI element with preg_match
    //Create another pattern to identify the class attr and alter it with preg_replace
    return $html;

As I'm not familiar with the exact elements you are working with, I can't write up a regex for you. In theory, following these steps should work for you.

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