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After taking a look at global $max_page; and global $numpages; on category-archive pages (is_archive() || $GLOBALS['wp_query']->is_archive returning true), I see the following return values:

  • $numpages: 4
  • $max_page: 7

What's going on here?

Further Qs:

  1. Where do they come from? After looking into /wp-includes/query.php I found $numpages in setup_postdata(), but beeing called as global on top and later counts the pages by the array that get's exploded through the <!-- nextpage -->-array.
  2. $multipage get's set to 0 if the $post->post_content is already an array. Why is this in this case set to 0, as the array indicates that it should be multipaged? Plus: Where could the array come from? post_content saves as string...
  3. Why do I have $numpages on archive templates/pages as it is only meant to be set for paged content types?
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First, let's go through variables one by one:

  1. $numpages is set on each setup_postdata() call. It becomes either 1 or number of pages in multipage post.

  2. $max_page doesn't seem to be global at all. I don't see it referenced as such in code and from quick test it is not getting set on archive page for me.

  3. $multipage indicates if current post has multiple pages (in other words if $numpages is larger than 1).

Where do they come from?

Mostly setup_postdata() as you have discovered.

$multipage get's set to 0 if the $post->post_content is already an array

It does not. It gets set to 0 if $post->post_content does not contain any <!--nextpage-->.

Why do I have $numpages on archive templates/pages as it is only meant to be set for paged content types?

Because any loop sets it (in setup_postdata() call) and it remains set. It's like calling something after the loop that was not reset - globals still hold whatever post that was looped through last.

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Ah, yea. Haven't thought about the fact that globals won't get reseted to zero (why should it). And global $max_page was my own failure. I needed a query var to be global to make it accessible in some other class and therefore put $GLOBALS['wp_query']->max_num_pages into global $max_page. :) If you want, you can close it as "too localized". – kaiser Oct 11 '11 at 22:52

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